Wolverine Records 2010

1.RÄMOUNS – Fun Fun Fun (Beach Boys)
2.FAHNENFLUCHT – Fatbrett (Fettes Brot)
3.BONSAI KITTEN – Poison (Alice Cooper)
4.SCALLWAGS – Beat it (M. Jackson)
5.BARROOM HEROES – Where you gonna sleep tonight? (Amy McDonald)
6.AND AFTER THE MOVEMENT – Back in Black (Amy Whinehouse)
7.MCRACKINS – Hey Deannie (Shaun Cassidy)
8.MR.ANDERSON – Walking in Memphis (Marc Cohn)
9.FRONTKICK – Overkill (Men at Work)
10.LOST BOYZ ARMY – Aloha Heja He (Achim Reichel)
11.DRUGSTOP – Bulletproof (La Roux)
12.BOOZED – Sexy (Westernhagen)
13.RAMAZURI – Life is Life (Opus)
14.STARLETTES – Das Model (Kraftwerk)
15.STAGE DISASTER – My Sharona (The Knack)
16.OUTSIDERS JOY – Lemon Tree (Fools Garden)
17.GOTTKAISER – Polizisten (Extrabreit)
18.AMPLIFY – All my lovin’ (Beatles)
19.MOONSHINE GAMBLERS – I stole your love (Kiss)
20.TANZENDE KADAVER – Spongebob (TV Theme)
21.STRUPPICORE – Dancing with myself (Billy Idol)
22.DUFFERPIT – It would take a strong strong man (Rick Astley)
23.ROCKFORMATION DISCOKUGEL – Who do you love? (Bo Diddley)
24.LOST LYRICS – Marliese (Fischer Z)
25.PROJEKT KOTELETT – Axel F. (Harold Faltermayer)

1.VERLORENE JUNGS – Das geht ab! (Frauenarzt)
2.PUNK JONES – Satisfaction (Rolling Stones)
3.THE ONTHEROCKS – What’s up?! (4 Non Blondes)
4.GRUBBY THINGS – Footloose (Kenny Loggins)
5.RANTANPLAN – Fan Fan Fanatisch (Rheingold)
6.GREEN FROG FEET – Up where we belong (Joe Cocker)
7.SUPERVOSS – Sleeping in my car (Roxette)
8.WÄRTERS SCHLECHTE – Jungle Drum (Emiliana Torrini)
9.NO TALENT NECESSARY – Looking for freedom (David Hasselhoff)
10.THE MARPLES – Just want you to know (Backstreet Boys)
11.DECEMBER PEALS – Rocking in a free world (Neil Young)
12.TEMPLETON PEK – All night long (Lionel Richie)
13.COTZRAIZ – Los Paul (Trio)
14.LAST EXIT DOWN – Hot’n'Cold (Katy Perry)
15.DIE BOCKWURSCHTBUDE – Immer wieder Sonntags (Cindy + Bert)
16.NI JU SAN – How you remind me (Nickelback)
17.PENCILCASE – You could be mine (Guns N Roses)
18.KAWENZMÄNNER – Earth Song (M. Jackson)
19.MOPED LADS – It’s my life (Bon Jovi)
20.IRRENOFFENSIVE – Denkmal (Wir sind Helden)
21.THE UNDECIDED – Mr. Brightside (The Killers)
22.THE SENSATIONAL SKYDRUNK HEARTBEAT ORCHESTRA – Don’t worry, be happy (Bobby Mc Ferrin)
23.SIR VEJA – I will survive (Gloria Gaynor)